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Advanced Ground Geothermal Heat Exchanger

What Is Gi-4?

The Gi-4™ is a revolutionary engineered heat exchanger designed to improve the performance of vertical geothermal well fields. Engineered by a group of geothermal industry leaders, the Gi-4™ is designed to maximize heat exchange with the formation and minimize the thermal pollution between the fluid supply and return ports.


Up to 400% Better Heat Conductivity


Grout Quantity Reduction with Equivalent Bore Diameters


Reduction in Bore Footage Compared to U-bend


Improved ROI and Energy Savings


Total Active Linear Feet Field Size Reduction


Antifreeze Solution Reduction Compared to Equivalent Systems

What makes it better than traditional U-Bend?

The thermal resistance is significantly lower than any other vertical heat exchanger available. CFD modeling by the University of Tennessee reveals that the Gi-4 design optimizes heat transfer performance, which occurs by conduction into the formation through the surrounding grout and pipe walls by convective heat transfer with the conduit fluid. The design includes improved thermal performance of the material, grout thickness and most significantly maximizing the surface area over which convective heat transfer can occur.

Advantages of Gi-4 vs. 1¼” U-Bend

Superior Conductivity

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The fluid conductivity is up to 400% better than traditional systems. The superior conductivity of the Gi-4 allows the system to operate much more effectively.

Fewer Required Boreholes

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Total Active Linear Feet field size reduction of 60-70% which is especially useful for situations with limited borehole options.

Grout Quantity Reduction

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Gi-4’s grout quantity is reduced at greater than 60% with equivalent bore diameters.

Antifreeze Solution Reduction

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The antifreeze solution reduction – in equivalent percentages is reduced by 40% compared to equivalent systems.
“A reduction in bore footage of more than 60% when compared with classic U-bend” M E Engineering Consultants, Inc

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“I started putting geothermal HVAC in public building projects in MI in 2004, and discovered quickly that among the major energy technologies, it’s the most cost effective and has highest return on investment. When we partnered with Geothermal Innovations which has installed over 900 geothermal projects. We had a team and a product – the Gi-4 heat exchanger – that made geothermal districts possible, affordable and financeable.”



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